Highway to a New You!

Julia Yarbough and Silva Harapetian and Highway to a Husband are excited and honored to share with you our new guidebook offering practical, actionable and easy to take steps inspired by the people, places, experiences and real-life lessons learned on the Highway to a Husband road trip!

Life Has Never Been So Adventurous!

HIGHWAY TO A NEW YOU!  - Life Has Never Been So Adventurous

Here's what some fans are saying...

"Highway to a Husband isn't your average road-trip. It's an insightful, honest and thought-provoking look at how two women took their dating adventures on the road in search of Mr. Right. What they found was a mirror into the complexities that sometimes create unrealistic expectations in relationships. They ended up rediscovering themselves and the tools needed to be the best "Ms. Right." ~ Angela Jones, Writer/Producer, CNN

"This Highway to a Husband journey is one of the most inspirational and motivational rides Julia and Silva have taken. They encourage singles everywhere to get in the "car" and just go!" ~ Danielle Knox Ross, Television Host & Entrepreneur


Inspires and motivates hundreds of women and unveils

Highway to a New You!

The 9th Annual Jazz in the Garden's

"Making the Most of Our Relationships on The Highway of Life"

Julia Yarbough, Best selling author & superstar performer Sheryl Lee Ralph, Silva Harapetian


Road-Tripping Blog

How to Live the Life You Want: Highway to a New You

julia yarbough, highway to a new you
"...We knew there was something bigger we were supposed to learn from our experiences - something MORE than just finding Mr. Right. (I believe he'll come along soon enough...) So as we reflected on our journey, the adventures, the people, places and events, we realized there was SO much about LIFE we gained from the HIGHWAY TO A HUSBAND experience. What we discovered was a road-map to figuring out who we truly are and what we truly desire out of life..."

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Dreams Do Come True

dreams for 2014 highway to a husband
"... Let’s reflect and then talk about the dreams you have put into motion for yourself. If you’re having trouble getting started - I hope these examples will help inspire and motivate you..."

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Up Close & Personal
Friday, April 25, 2014
Julia Yarbough joins singing sensation Nicole Henry for a one-day-only personal chat.

9th Annual Jazz in the Gardens

Women's Impact Luncheon
Friday, March 14, 2013

University of Miami College of Arts & Sciences
Black History Month Art Exhibit w/Julia Yarbough
Wednesday, February 12th, 2014

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Follow the same guidelines Silva and Julia now live their lives by!
You'll be amazed at how YOUR life starts to change and the wonders which unfold!

Highway to a New You!

Be Change!
Be Authentic!
Be Fearless!
Be U!

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Highway to a Husband


My name is Julia and I'm single.  I have had an amazing and exciting career (22 years in the TV news biz), awesome travels, excellent friends and amazing adventures. But even with all that, there’s still something missing: a solid and loving relationship. I've tried everything I can think of - set-ups from friends, blind dates, on-line dating services.... still - NOTHING!

After lots of soul searching, I decided the best way to find “my” Mr. Right was to shake things up. Drastically change my life.

I walked away from a comfortable income and a life of security.  Drastic -yes. But, I knew I was starting to lose faith in the possibility of true love. (Check out my blog “Big Bears and a Manly Man” and read the “Dear John –email” I  received and you’ll understand why!!!) The experience led me to believe I had nothing to lose and perhaps only something to gain by taking a chance and reinventing myself and my life.

For the sake of my heart and for all the other singles out there searching for love, I hit the road for what I suspected would be a life-altering journey and it has been that and MORE!

My best girlfriend Silva Harapetian is with me for this adventure. Silva has a very similar single life story. She too has had an amazing (12 year TV career) but was recently laid off from her reporting job in Detroit, MI. Silva is a true story teller and knows me better than I know myself (she knows all about my fascination with firefighters) she is sometimes the instigator and sometimes the gate keeper. 

Check out our  "Highway to a Husband" blog. We left South Florida in February, 2010 and hit the highway - heading West. From coast to coast follow us. Every step of the way. From every city, we are sharing stories of the places we go, the people we meet and the dates I go on. Read the blog, take look at the picture gallery and watch videos of a journey that is filled with many unexpected surprises! Follow on Twitter and Facebook, too.

Silva and I have a lot of quirky singles tales to tell. I bet you have some good stories too. Send us your comments and tell us your personal experiences – let’s make this journey together!!


I’m not quite sure who my husband is, but I know you’re not sitting at home waiting for life to come to you. You’re out following your passions and the only way for me to meet you is if I do the same.

Welcome to 

Highway to a Husband! 


















Final days at NBC6, South Florida

Sometimes you have to leave security behind and just "go for it!"