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Joan Gringer said:   September 6, 2011 7:10 am PST
Thanks for sharing your adventures. Fun to read, watch and laugh with your pluses and minuses.

Susan said:   September 3, 2011 4:36 pm PST
Wow! How awesome is this adventure. I read the article about you in Ebony Magazine. As a true Floridian (born and raised in Miami) I have followed you on our local news stations. I'm so happy for you and I pray that you find what you are in search of.

Frederick Kelley said:   August 7, 2011 4:35 pm PST
Dear Highway to a Husband Chics! I say yall on the news and I like tha Chocklate chick! Whats her name and how can I get the hookup. She has a nice big booty! fa reals ok so holla holla Fred aka bigtime Cornbread

Part 3 said:   August 7, 2011 2:10 pm PST
In the advent of a Recession/Depression, this is just another example of a feminists hypocrisy. When the country is doing great they say give us more jobs, more money, and even in the face of proof of their collegiate and vocational superiority, they still claim inequality and pull bogus statistics and lying polls out of thin air to support their lies ...that they are getting paid less than men. This site here is using a NEW tactic, that is, now that the country is falling apart and there TRULY IS equality, (men and women both out of jobs and financially broke), now they want to quit their jobs and find a husband, who they claimed they never needed before.Remember? "I don't need a man"! This is just a feminist attempt to get more for nothing, as they always have. Now, all the sudden they NEED men because they know if they quit their jobs and get a man, some poor STUPID schmuck will fall for this trick and support these lazy, selfish women/feminists, while they sit around and complain about things men can do nothing about.

Part 2 said:   August 7, 2011 2:09 pm PST
They will claim (once again) inequality, and lower pay, despite the fact that it was their own choice to do everything they did. Their choice to join the work-force, and it was never enough for them. They got more pay, better jobs, accepted into college more, and every time they stepped into a courtroom with a man they divorced , THEY ALWAYS WON EVERYTHING! They took the males to court for Child's Support (and the women never had to prove to the court that they were supporting the child in any way, like the men did), they robbed the men of Alimony, and even got most of the men's possessions in the end. Men rarely, AND I MEAN RARELY, won in court against women, yet they still claimed inequality. It was pathetic then and THIS is pathetic now. Women these days are nothing but selfish gold-diggers and now that the chips are down for everyone.... This is their way to. yet again, use men for their own selfish, personal gains. Women are rotten today. Women's Lib sucks! With the help of Feminists organizations all over the world and media powerhouses like OPRAH and ELLEN and Oh well, here is a list of 500+ feminists who have worked for years to get women everything they have ever wanted and then they still claim men own everything, despite the fact we have no media, nor organizations to help us get anything. There has been a constant flow of commercials and internet adds and even "red bows" to fight breast cancer for men, yet nothing of any of this for men...not even on tenth of the advertising for the support of men's prostate cancer, and it is just as deadly and maybe even more prevalent than breast cancer.

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