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An Emmy-Award winning broadcast and print journalist, Julia Yarbough has 22 years of on-air television, public speaking* and professional writing experience. She has chased news in the field, brought viewers nightly news reports from the anchor chair in the studios of NBC6-WTVJ, in Miami, KCBS2 in Los Angeles, WSVN, South Florida, WLKY, Louisville, Kentucky, WEAR, Pensacola, Florida and KEYT, in Santa Barbara.


"I love telling stories. It's just that simple. When I know a viewer or reader is seeing what I'm seeing and feeling what I"m feeling, then I have been successful. That's what it's all about - the stories."

Julia has filed live reports from all over South Florida as well as exotic International locations, such as the Winter and Summer Olympics in Torino, Italy and Beijing, China. Never one to run from adventure and excitement, Julia even flew an F-16 with the U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds! Named “Best Female News Anchor” by the Broward New Times, Julia’s work has earned her professional and personal recognition and helped her build a following of loyal viewers and fans. It also caught the attention of movie director Michael Mann, casting Julia in MIAMI VICE, the movie Julia Yarbough and landed her a one-on-one interview with music superstars Daryl Hall & John Oates.  

     Julia has received numerous awards, including the prestigious N.A.T.A.S. Emmy, The Sunshine State Award from The Society of Professional Journalists, and is the recipient of a 2009 Fellowship with The Institutes of Journalism  & Natural Resources.

A woman who enjoys travel and adventure, Julia has visited such exotic locations as The Galapagos Islands, Thailand, Jamaica, Russia, Costa Rica, Europe, Belize (just to name a few).

Despite all of her successful pursuits, Julia is still looking for her "Mr. Right."  Now, her  passion for telling stories, her love of travel, the outdoors and nature, her almost psychotic addiction to health & fitness and her internal radar for finding wacky situations, are now coming together into one amazing project: HIGHWAY TO A HUSBAND!

Join Julia as she explores the United States in a cross-country journey - because on this highway, “Dating Has Never Been So Adventurous.”

When not bouncing around the country in search of adventure, Julia is either cooking, biking, kayaking, completing homework on-line for the Master’s of International Business program at Nova Southeastern University or planning the next exciting leg of her road-trip.

*Looking for a fresh speaker who offers "off-the-beaten-path" positive messages of living life to the fullest, for your meeting or organization? Look no further! For booking information for Julia Yarbough

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Harapetian is an award winning journalist with 15-years experience in broadcast, print and multi-media journalism. 

She grew up in Southern California but has worked across the country with stops in Northern and Central California, Oklahoma, Texas and Michigan.

She has been recognized and awarded for her journalistic accomplishments.

"I understand the importance of journalism and appreciate the power of telling stories. 

Silva says the stories that moved her the most included the coverage of the Iraq Deployments at Fort Sill Army Post in Oklahoma, the 10-year Anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing, the war protests in Crawford, Texas and Hurricanes Rita and Katrina. But, among all the hard hitting coverage Silva was also up front in covering the OU vs. USC and Texas vs. USC Rose Bowl games. 

“Ok. I’ll admit. I pulled a few strings to get those stories. Can you blame a gal who wants to watch her team up front and personal? Besides, who wouldn't want to see the football players look oh so good in their gear.” 

Silva has also stayed very active in her Armenian community in Southern California. She produced and hosted the Armenian Music Awards that is broadcast around the world for nearly a decade.  

Silva says she has always been passionate about telling stories not only news stories but all the unbelievable stories that unfold in her private life; her life as an Armenian living in Iran; her escape from the war torn country; her fresh start in the United States; her rise to the top in a career everyone said would be impossible.  

“Perhaps it is my own life story that drives me to give people a voice. In my career I have covered all kinds of topics and interviewed many high profile people but I have never worked on anything that’s in the size or scope of this project. And, to team up with Julia who has been an awesome girlfriend for more than a decade is truly exciting.”

"Julia and I have had countless conversation about our lives our love lives or its lack there of. And, over the years they have become even more tragic and comical. Talking about it is really the only way to dealwith it so it only makes sense to take the conversations public."

Silva who has a background as on-air reporter, producer, writer, videographer and an editor will be the driving force for this project behind the scenes.

“In addition to content development, I will be acting as the voice of reason for Julia who has been known to make some wacky life decisions. Julia and I met more than a decade ago and we’ve managed to stay friends. I know that having Julia as a friend and a mentor has played a huge role in my ability to succeed in the cut-throat world of broadcast journalism. That goes to show you friendship sees no boundaries and this project…well 

the possibilities are endless.”

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Julia Yarbough's Highway to a Husband...


As we begin a new phase of this life-changing journey, I am excited, overjoyed and looking forward to whatever fate has in store for me. Life! The unknown! I LOVE IT!  I am putting my heart and soul into this project. I hope you laugh, have fun and grow right along with me.

To my mom - thanks for supporting me in this venture. To my friends - thanks for understanding just how wacky I really am. And to my fans and followers - thanks for all the years of support - I  hope you enjoy this next chapter!


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Dating Has Never Been So Adventurous...